getdns exceptions

getdns exceptions

exception getdns.error

getdns will throw an exception, getdns.error, under certain conditions. Those conditions include:

  • a required parameter having a bad value
  • a badly-formed domain name in the query
  • a bad Context() object
  • a failed Context() update
  • an out-of-bounds error for a getdns data structure
  • requesting an extension that doesn’t exist
  • requesting DNSSEC validation while using stub resolution

Please note that a successful return from a getdns method does not indicate that the query returned the records being requested, but rather that the query is formed correctly and has been submitted to the DNS. A getdns exception is typically the result of a coding error.

getdns will set the exception message to a diagnostic string, which may be examined for help in resolving the error.


import getdns, sys

c = getdns.Context()
    results = c.address('', foo='bar')
except getdns.error, e:

This will result in “A required parameter had an invalid value” being printed to the screen.